The Society for Family Health Learning and Development Centre was conceived initially by the SFH management executives as a centre to offer capacity building activities for its employees using our in-house resource. The focus then was to build the managerial and administrative competencies of its employees but our recent expansion and upgrading of our facilities have given rise to having our doors open to the public. Courses offered covers all Public Health thematic areas in terms of administrative and operations management. There are opportunities of attachment with our organisation for outstanding students.

Courses offered include:
Proposal Development and Report Writing
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Value for Money (VFM)
Comprehensive Post Abortion Care
Basic Management Course for Heads of Primary Health Care Facilities
Skills Training on Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives
Client Based Record Management
Research Methodology
Cervical Cancer Screening and Preventative Treatment with Cryotherapy
Integrated Supportive Supervision
Advocacy and Systems Strengthening Training
Excel application usage for intermediate level users
Stress Management (Module 1)

Full schedule for courses will be available soon.