Intervention Areas

The Society for Family Health Nigeria works in six key areas; each deliberately selected as identified fields which significantly affect family health in Nigeria.

Here are our Thematic areas:

Safe Water Systems in Nigeria: The role of WaterGuard Plus ® and Purifier of Water ®

Lack of safe water for household use remains a challenge for almost a…

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Family Planning and Reproductive Health

One of the founding principles of SFH was to promote and support the practice of Child Spacing. Spacing of births of three to five years allows each child to develop and grow best,…

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Maternal and Child Healthcare

Good health for women and children is beneficial as it leads to longer, more fulfilled lives – allowing the woman and the child the opportunity to attain meaningful development in life. It is…

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HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment

Nigeria, being the most populous African nation has a population of over 140 million people. With a general population adult HIV prevalence of 3.6% (FMOH 2007) and 4.4% among women attending antenatal clinics,…

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Malaria Prevention and Treatment

Society for Family Health (SFH) is dedicated to improving the health of mothers, pregnant women, and children under the age of five in Nigeria. It utilises social marketing techniques and promotes products and…

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Health and Social Systems Strengthening

Health Systems Strengthening is often described as improving the healthcare system of a country. This invariably includes increasing funding of health infrastructure tied to budgetary allocation to health as a fraction of a country’s budget,…

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SFH Nigeria’s thematic areas are enveloped in different projects which are implemented in many states across Nigeria.