ANS: You are not allowed to apply for more than one position in one advert but you are encouraged to apply in subsequent adverts.
ANS: You will get an email with subject ‘Confirmation of Receipt’. Please also make sure you RELEASE your application after completion.
• First, click Register with SFH on the career page. A window will pop up; you are required to fill out the form and register. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Login to your mailbox and follow the confirmation link sent to you. Upon confirmation follow the Personal Career Page link to begin your application.
• Complete the Candidate Profile form and proceed to the Employment Opportunities page.
• You can search for job by clicking the start button or preferably search through Application via Reference Code. Type in the application code of the job you want to apply for and start search.
• Complete the questionnaire and proceed to release your application.
ANS: Yes, preferably Firefox.
ANS: Mozilla Firefox:
Click the menu button and choose options
Select the content panel
In the content panel, you will see block pop-up windows; uncheck this to disable the pop-up blocker.
Internet Explorer:
 Click the 'tools' button
 Go to internet options
 Click the 'privacy' tab
 Uncheck turn on pop-up blocker
Google Chrome
Click the menu button and choose settings
Scroll down and choose show advanced settings
Under 'privacy' choose content settings
Scroll down to pop-ups and Choose 'allow all sites to show pop-ups'
ANS: Please, try again later. It may have been due to network delay or server overload.
ANS: Make sure the address given is typed properly. A failure delivery will occur if the address was wrongly typed or if it does not exist.
ANS: It is published in National dailies and SFH website.
ANS: Possible servers overload or network congestion. Try after sometime and if possible use a different service provider and try at off-peak periods.